Laugh, run & sneeze without leaking!

1 in 5 women suffer from urinary leakage, and it is even more common after pregnancy and during menopause. Even though it is so common, we tend to not speak about it.

We want to break the taboo and start speaking about it so more women dare to seek care. Remember, you are not alone!

  • Save over 1400 disposable pads

  • Use up to 16 h per day

  • Don't worry about leakage

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  • Efemia Startset

  • Efemia Bladder Support 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm

  • Reduces bladder leaks for 3 in 4 women*

  • 86% want to continue using Efemia**

  • 82% recommends Efemia***

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  • Emma

    "Since I started using Efemia, I have completely stopped worrying in different situations"

  • Sara

    "With Efemia, I can run and lift whatever I want without leaking urine"

  • Louise

    "Efemia stopped my urine leakage completely. Now I don't have to worry and can focus 100% on the riding"

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