Urine leakage during sexual intercourse

Urine leakage during sexual intercourse

Incontinence can affect people of all ages, but bladder leaks during sex is a particularly sensitive problem. Many people are afraid to talk to anyone about it, even their partner. Others are more pragmatic, put a towel down during intercourse and that's it.

Peeing myself during sex

There is too little research to determine whether it is stress incontinence or urge incontinence that happens when you leak urine during intercourse. It is also unclear what causes leakage during sex. Does it leak when the clitoris is touched, during orgasm or during penetration? But leakage during penetrative sex is more likely to be related to stress incontinence and incontinence during orgasm seems to be related to an overactive bladder. We know that you can leak when you have an orgasm, but the fluid can be something other than urine. Approximately one in four women have an ejaculation (female ejaculation) similar to that of a man. This is sometimes called a fountain orgasm. However, urine can be distinguished from ejaculation by smell and appearance.

Some women find leaking (ejaculation) enhances their orgasm, others find it horrible and painful. Women simply feel differently about the fluid that comes.

Urinary leakage during sex is a very sensitive but common topic, and if you feel uncomfortable about it, talk to your gynaecologist, midwife or other healthcare professional. They are there to support you and can give you concrete advice or tips. Read more about incontinence aids and treatments here.

Tips on sexuality and urine leakage:

  • Talk to your partner - although it can be embarrassing, it is almost always met with understanding.
  • Empty your bladder before having sex - this can help with both the actual leakage and the amount of the leakage during sex.
  • Try different sexual positions - depending on the position, pressure on the bladder and urethra can be reduced.
  • Pelvic floor exercises - again, we know! But regular pelvic floor exercise not only strengthens your pelvic floor so you have less problems with leakage (both during intercourse and otherwise), it can also help you have more intense orgasms.
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