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How to prescribe Efemia

  • Efemia Bladder Support is available on prescription on NHS. If you are not prescribing yourself, simply download, print and fill out the Prescription Advice Form here.
  • Then give the form to your patient and ask her to visit her family GP who will prescribe Efemia for her. Efemia is available on prescription in most areas of the UK. Your pharmacist can then dispense Efemia having ordered from iMEDicare directly on 01923237795 or orders@imedicare.co.uk
  • 77% reduction of urine leakage

    In a randomised multicentre study, 3 out of 4 women experienced that Efemia Bladder Support reduced urine leakage when the participants provoked urine leakage by jumping and coughing.
    (Ref TVS1000)

  • 86% want to continue exercising with the product

    In two studies with a total of 21 women practising crossfit or fitness, 86% stated that they wanted to continue using the product.
    (Ref TVS4000 & TVS5000)

  • 82% would recommend Efemia

    A follow-up study with women who participated in our clinical trial shows that 4 out of 5 would recommend the product.
    (Ref TVS2000)

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patient information

Patient broschures

Broschures about Efemia Bladder Support for your patients.

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Clinician's guide

Everything you need to know about Efemia Bladder Support, gathered in one place.

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